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Blonde Ale Lightweight

Blonde Ale  

Recipe Date: June 21, 2014  

Type: Mini Mash = Real Ale Fireman's #4 (6B)  

Specialty Grains: 3 1/2 lb 2-Row Malt  

Extract: 5 lb Extra Pale Extract  

60 Minute Hops: 3/4 oz Crystal (4.5% Alpha Acid)  

15 Minute Hops: 3/4 oz Crystal / Yeast Fuel .018 oz / Protein Coagulant  

5 Minute Hops: 1/2 oz Crystal  

Yeast: White Labs - Dry English Ale 007  

OG/FG: 1.042 / 1.008 (4.5% Alcohol)  

Brewing Notes:

The beginning and ending specific gravities were off, resulting in a 4.5% alcohol level.  This was also my first blonde ale recipe to include Yeast Fuel and Protein Coagulant.  I have established my new brew time to be Sunday mornings, starting at around 6:00am.  It is a perfect time of day when my neighborhood is quiet and it is cool in my brewing area, even in the summer, and a great time for home brewing craft beer.


This home brew was definitely a drink-all-night-long session ale.  I have brewed this ale before, but this was the first time I used the mini mash method.  It is an easy recipe.  It only requires one variety of specialty grain, and 1 variety of hop.