Split-Tree Ale - Home Brewing Craft Beer

Split Tree Ale - Home Brewing Craft Beer

Split-Tree Ale is a collection of my experiences home brewing craft beer.  As a home brewer, you can learn about the complete beer brewing process, and how the varieties of hops and special grains influence the flavor of each beer style.  Home brewing is great fun and very rewarding!  After all, how many hobbies result in the creation of your own craft beer? 

"Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire."

-David Rains Wallace

Amber Ale

Calculating % Alcohol

The specific gravity before fermentation minus the specific gravity after fermentation x 131 = % Alcohol.

Build Your Own Bar

Visit mycarpentry.com for two easy bar building plans; one outside bar and one inside bar.

Willamette Pellet Hops

Texas Craft Brewers