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Brown Ale

Brown Ale  

Recipe Date: July 17, 2012  

Type: Extract - Nelcastle Brown Ale (11C)  

Specialty Grains: 3 oz Chocolate Malt, 8 oz Pale Ale Malt, 6 oz Crystal 90L Malt  

Extract: 1 lb Corn Sugar, 3 lb Extra Pale Extract, 3 lb Amber Extract  

60 Minute Hops: 1 oz Fuggle ( 4.3 % Alpha Acid )  

15 Minute Hops: .5 oz Kent Golding ( 4.8 % Alpha Acid )  

5 Minute Hops: None  

Yeast: Liquid - White Labs - Brittish Ale 005  

OG/FG: 1.051 / 1.011 (5.24 % Alcohol)  

Brewing Notes:

This brown ale resembles Newcastle Brown Ale and is another excellent home brew choice.  It spent 7 days in the primary fermenter, 7 days in the secondary, and 4 weeks aging at room temperature under 20 psi in the keg.  


I am very impressed with the flavor and color of this brown ale. The clarity of this home brew continues to amaze me.  This brown ale is every bit as delicious as it looks.