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Pecan Brown Ale

Pecan Brown Ale  

Recipe Date: September, 2013  

Type: AHS Toasted Pecan Brown Ale (11C)  

Specialty Grains: 1/2 lb Biscuit Malt, 1/4 lb Special Roast Malt, 1/4 lb Chocolate Malt, 1/4 lb Crystal 40L Malt, 1/2 lb Maris Otter Malt  

Extract: 7 lb Extra Pale Extract  

60 Minute Hops: 1 oz Kent Golding (Alpha 7.2, Beta 2.6)  

15 Minute Hops: 1/2 oz Fuggle (Alpha 4.5, Beta 2.8)  

5 Minute Hops: 1/2 oz Fuggle  

Yeast: White Labs - British Ale 005  

OG/FG: 1.048 / 1.010 (4.9 % Alcohol)  

Brewing Notes:

When I purchased this pecan brown ale recipe, I overlooked the 1 lb. of roasted pecans that was supposed to be added at the conditioning phase.  As a substitute, I bought a small bottle of pecan extract flavoring and, with giving it a second thought, dumped the entire contents of the bottle in the conditioning keg.  The recipe called for 7 lb. of Maris Otter Extract, but the homebrew supply was out of it, so we substituted 7 lb. of Extra Pale Extract.


I'm not sure how sweet this pecan brown ale would have been if I hadn't added the entire bottle of pecan extract, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been as sweet as this brew turned out.  After serving it to several people, I received comments like, "This tastes like a pecan pie"; "Is this a desert beer?"  There was nothing wrong with this brew, except that is was too sweet for most people.  It became known as the Pecan Pie Ale.