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Six Malt Amber Ale

Six Malt Amber Ale  

Recipe Date: February 1, 2014  

Type: Mini Mash - AHS Six Malt Amber Ale (10B) Extract  

Specialty Grains: 1/4 lb Crystal 40L Malt, 1/4 lb Chocolate Malt, 1/4 lb Cara Pils Malt, 1/2 lb Victory Malt, 1/2 lb Special Roast Malt, 1/2 lb Pale Ale Malt  

Extract: 7 lb Amber Extract

60 Minute Hops: 2 oz Willamette (Alpha 5.3%, Beta 3.7%)  

15 Minute Hops: None

5 Minute Hops: 1 oz Fuggle (Alpha 5.3%, Beta 2.6%)

Yeast: White Labs - London Ale 013

OG/FG: 1.054 / 1.011 (5.6 % Alcohol)  

Brewing Notes:

Brewing this recipe was very typical and everything came out as planned. Even the beginning and ending specific gravity was as indicated on the recipe.  This was my first brew that did not have a "15 minute" hop addition.  I thought this recipe was interesting because of the six types Malts used in the specialty grains.


This was perhaps my favorite ale of all of the recipes I have brewed.  It has become known among my friends as the "Split Tree Amber Ale."  I plan to brew it every year as my Spring Seasonal.