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Texas Red Ale

Texas Red Ale  

Recipe Date: January 22, 2013

Type: Red Ale - Texas Red (9D)

Specialty Grains: .5 lb 2-Row Malt, .5 lb Crystal 90L Malt, 1 lb Spec. B Malt, .25 lb Spec. B Malt

Extract: 7 lb Extra Pale Extract

60 Minute Hops: 2 oz Crystal (4.3 % Alpha, 7 % Beta)

15 Minute Hops: .5 oz Crystal

5 Minute Hops: .5 oz Crystal

Yeast: Dry English Ale 007

OG/FG: 1.050 / 1.008 (5.5%)

Brewing Notes:

This red ale, called "Texas Red Ale", was a very easy recipe to make. It only had one variety of hops (Crystal). Another factor was the temperature - 65 degrees in my brewery (garage). That is a very comfortable temperature to brew beer, with a large propane burner, without the room getting to hot. The cool temperature also made it easy to chill my wort to 80 degrees in 10 minutes.


If you like Irish red ales, you will like this recipe. I aged it in the keg for about 6 weeks and cleared out to a nice red color a week or two after the chilling and carbonation process.  It became known as the "Better Red than Dead".