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West Coast Pale Ale

West Coast Pale Ale  

Recipe Date: February, 3013  

Type: Mini Mash - AHS West Coast Pale Ale (10A)  

Specialty Grains: 1/2 lb Crystal 60L Malt, 2 1/2 lb 2-Row Malt  

Extract: 5 lb Extra Pale Extract  

60 Minute Hops: 1 1/2 oz Cascade (6.2 Alpha, 6.2 Beta)  

15 Minute Hops: 3/4 oz Cascade  

5 Minute Hops: 3/4 oz Cascade  

Yeast: White Labs - California Ale 001  

OG/FG: 1.050 / 1.009 (5.5% Alcohol)  

Brewing Notes:

This west coast pale ale was my first Mini Mash brew. The only major difference between "Extract" and "Mini Mash" on this recipe, was the amount of specialty grains vs. extract.  I also steeped the specialty grains 45 minutes at 155 degrees on the Mini Mash vs. 25 minutes for the Extract version.  Since I steeped the grains longer, I had to add heat to the mash after about 20 minutes, to maintain the steeping temperature.  This beer conditioned in the keg for about 4 weeks at 20psi.  I think the aging time contributed to the clarity of this brew.


I didn't particularly like this west coast pale ale.  There was nothing wrong with it - it just wasn't my favorite flavor of beer.  My brother, who lives on the West Coast, liked it very much, and so did my brother-in-law in Houston.  Since I disliked it, it became know as "Starling" - named after the pesky European Starlings that had invaded our yard during the time of this brew.