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Whiskey Barrel Pecan Porter

Whiskey Barrel Pecan Porter  

Recipe Date: September 30, 2012

Type: Extra - Pecan Porter (12B)

Specialty Grains: 1/2 lb Special B Malt, 1/2 lb Pale Ale Malt, 1/2 lb Brown Malt, 1/2 lb Crystal 60L Malt, 1/2 lb De-Bittered Black Malt

Extract: 7 lb Amber Extract

60 Minute Hops: 1 oz Northern Brewer (Hop Union LLC, Yakima, WA - 10.5 AA)

15 Minute Hops: 1/2 oz Hallertau (Alpha 4.3%, Beta 6.2%), 3/4 oz Willamette 4.0 % AA

5 Minute Hops: 1/2 oz Hallertau, 1/4 oz Willamette

Yeast: AHS English Ale Blend 085

OG/FG: 1.045 / 1.01 (4.585% Alcohol)

Brewing Notes:

This ale is called "Whiskey Barrel Pecan Porter" because I substituted the 3 oz of French Oak Chips - Medium, that the recipe called for, with 2.5 oz of Whiskey Barrel Oak Chips.


Whiskey Barrel Pecan Porter is perhaps my favorite ale style.  The Whiskey Barrel Oak Chips, that were added at the conditioning phase of this home brew, provided that special aged-in-a-whiskey-barrel flavoring to the Pecan Porter that gave it a very unique flavor.